53 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

Fake COVID 19 Vaccines - New Social Media around the corner - Dr Greg Hammer with GAIIN beat burnout - Heartwarming animal stories and a word from Cyrus and "Adulting without Instructions" plus Miss Drew and Jeff Borker with the Infinity bottle all on Roc

Pfizer finds fake COVID-19 Vaccines (we should be surprised?) - Cyrus joins from "Adulting without Instructions" a podcast with thoughts on Stimulus checks, Urban life and Derek Chauvin - OG "Jersey Girl" Marie Ruffolo.  Dr. Greg Hammer with GAIN and stress and burn out busting ideas Miss Drew in - Jeff Borker with an Infinity bottle the big Texas Licence plate auction!   Get ready...  Your about to hear the best hour of media anywhere at any price - and this one is FREE!Learn to host your own radio show or podcastFind out more about USA RadioGot an idea?  Want to be a guest on the show, click here and tell us more!Host your own show or podcast email: Bill@rockstar.todayhttps://rockstar.today/
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