53 minutes | Mar 19, 2021

Facebook & Google News - Happy? - Spring is coming are you cleaning - The hottest new party game Pando and so much more!

Facebook and Google have been in the news a lot lately.  But we'll bet you haven't heard this story.  -NOTICE- hard subject, no bad language but may not be appropriate for everyone.   Thank you Art Ally and the Timothy Plan for the heads up on this story.  To know where you money is invested take Art up on his offer.  Ask Timothy free no obligation they will let you know the kind of companies your money is invested in.   Jeff Borker does booze go bad?  Well Jeff not if you drink it, LOL.  An interesting chat with Jeff.  The OG "Jersey Girl" Marie Ruffolo has a lot this week.  Spring cleaning how is your office and more.  Plus the hot new "get to know you" group game Pando!  Get ready...  Your about to hear the best hour of media anywhere at any price - and this one is FREE!Learn to host your own radio show or podcastFind out more about USA RadioGot an idea?  Want to be a guest on the show, click here and tell us more!Host your own show or podcast email: Bill@rockstar.todayhttps://rockstar.today/
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