16 minutes | Jun 4, 2018

Ep. 098 Challenging yourself to explore new and exciting things

Ep. 098 Challenging yourself to explore new and exciting things. When you take risks and get out of your comfort zone, amazing things happen! Unleashing undiscovered talents is the beginning to expanding your knowledge. I am thrilled to announce that Rockstar Mentor is two years old!  We have reached the two year mark and have recored 98 episodes to this point!  Yeah!!! As much as I love my acrylic painting "roots" I have expanded my knowledge for other styles and mediums of art.  My creative repertoire includes creating in glass (lampwork), polymer clay, mixed media, oils painting, watercolor, calligraphy, photography, bookmaking, art journaling, hand lettering and so much more.  Until recently I have been afraid to indulge in the textile arts, i.e., quilting or pattern making.  I found the designs and the intricacy so intimidating that it never really seemed to appeal to me.  But as I looked closer into the technical aspects of this fabric, thread and patterned medium, I discovered the mastery of how it was all compiled.   I am not too much of a planner when I create, I like to let things arrive to me naturally and organic, unless it's a commissioned artwork where more planning might be necessary, I really like to let the creativity flow.  This is where I discovered the art of "Improv Quilting" and the abstract and spontaneous placement of fabric scraps and strips to acheive amazing results.  Yes! Finally another artistic outlet where I can get crazy!  Whooo hoooo! I jumped into this with both feet, now this does not mean that I am giving up my other creative talents, but I am expanding the knowledge to learn something else and not feeling intimidated to try something new.  I am overcoming the fear of failing and giving in to the newness and freshness of it all.   Listen up to this episode where i discuss more details on overcoming creative ruts and your fears. Learn something new! Get out of your comfort zone.... don't let your fear of learning new things intimidate you. Go for it and have fun while doing it! Tell me what is holding you back?  Why do you feel scared and what do you do when you feel that way?  Share with me your thoughts I would love to hear from you! NEW Motivational Freebie Download Click here to get yours! HEY, IF YOU WANT TO GET MY FREE EXHIBITOR TOOLKIT GET IT NOW BEFORE IT GOES AWAY! Click here to get the toolkit! Check these episodes out on the website at http://rockstarmentor.com/podcasts/ Or whatever podcast player you prefer (ie., iTunes. Stitcher Radio, Google Play, TuneIn etc). For the full summary of the Rockstar Mentor show notes visit me at http://rockstarmentor.com/blog and http://rockstarmentor.com/podcasts Please visit our website to sign up to be on the front lines of amazing information and free downloads that I have prepared especially for you. http://rockstarmentor.com Visit me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/crushitmentor Visit me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/rockstarmentor NEW: Do you need an ecommerce solution that will help you get online bigger, better, faster, stronger?  Sign up for a
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