38 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

Interview With Noleen Sliney

Welcome to RYFB with me, Ruby McGuire, Business Mastery and Mindset Queen.

This podcast is for you if you're a service-based business owner, a solopreneur. You're effectively the CEO of your business. I'm here to help you feel and behave like one. In this podcast show, we'll explore the many facets of being the leader, aka Queen of your business.

We'll talk about creating a success mindset and taking your business to the next level. I'll be talking all things business mastery, mindset and manifesting through the Law of Attraction. I do like a bit of woo! Tune in as I'll be sharing lots of business strategies to help you. Make sure you head on over to www.rubymcguire.com to find out how we can work together. Book in a call and let's share a virtual cappuccino together!

Here are the key points that Noleen shared:

  1. The number one thing holding her back from success. Why the main thing holding her back from success was herself and how and what she did to overcome her mindset blocks, her fears of success and her visibility blocks.

  2. How one small piece of imperfect action led to an accolade by a top UK publication as well as an invitation to be one of an expert panel of judges for prestigious international awards.

  3. Why your image determines the energy behind how you show up in your business - or if you even show up at all!!

  4. How she positioned her business in a category of one by combining her experience in the finance industry with her core values and holistic approach to beauty to become known as a go-to expert in her industry. 

  5. Why it’s no longer enough to simply be visible in the current market and how to ensure you show up powerfully and confidently on camera so you become unforgettable! 

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