60 minutes | Jun 10, 2020

#43 How to use the art of Persuasion to empower yourself to take back control with David Thomson

Who wants to win in this little thing we call life? We ALL do, but sometimes we can really feel like life is working AGAINST us rather than for us The key to winning in life is to have the RIGHT attitude, and if we admit it most of us don’t have the right attitude Most of us exist in life, but life really is a game and if you know how to play it right you are going to WIN and play it really right you are going to WIN big! You have to be able to Influence yourself to be your own motivator by adopting the right attitude in ANY situation you find yourself in But how do you do that? Well lucky enough for you we have one of the WORLDS leading experts (no joke) David Thomson coming to chat to us and share his wealth of knowledge on How to get the right attitude for success What it is How we can use it every single day and how to motivate ourselves by positively influencing our own decisions out of situations IF you apply what David is going to talk to you about - trust us - it WILL change your life as it did ours A dear friend and mentor, David is one of the most if not the most successful person we have the pleasure to know His charisma and passion for life is infectious David’s back story is one that will leave you jaw dropped and full of respect for him and for what he has created with his life He has studied under the master of social psychology who is Dr Cialdini and is only one of 6 people in the WORLD who can teach his principals in the art of persuasion and influence His other mentors include Socrates, Deepak Chopra, Bandler, Grinder, and Bassham. These people are truly the greats and David has soaked up their teaching and applied his own magic to creates something really empowering for anyone he works with This talk WILL leave you empowered, enlightened and give you the tools to change your life....if you chose too https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-thomson-cmct%C2%AE/ www.suada.com
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