60 minutes | May 27, 2020

#41 How Calmer Parents have calmer teenagers with Paul Mcgee AKA the Sumo guy

We often get approached by parents with teenagers saying that they have difficulties with them and their moods and how they act Often parents want to try and “control” their teenagers and work externally on THEM However, there could be another way and it is because of that reason that we are honoured and also excited to invite Paul McGee on to speak to you about how being a calmer YOU can lead CALMER teenagers Paul is one heck of a guy he is a Sunday Times best selling author, and motivational speaker specialising in relationships, resilience and getting the best out of life. Paul has written 11 best-selling books including How not to worry S.U.M.O (Shut Up Move On) How to speak so people really listen Self-Confidence how to have a great life How to succeed with people S.U.M.O Your relationships and his 12th one will be on this subject about teens He really is a very decorated and highly skilled coach in this arena and he is going to blow you all away! When Paul said that he is writing his upcoming book on THIS very subject we jumped at the chance of having him come and share his knowledge and wisdom with you all We are going to be chatting about Why do we find it hard to be calm with our teenagers Why it is important that parents are calm The benefits of it harnessing this skill Plus we will be looking at some of the mistakes that you have seen parents make? AND Paul is going to share with us the lessons he has learnt from a Hippo and a Beachball Yes, we did say a Hippo AND a Beachball!
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