99 minutes | Jan 17, 2018

Ep5: Hocky, from Birkenhead with love and saliva. Instant Agony, Bite Back & More

Roaring back in 2018 RRB hits new heights with the Beast of Birkenhead, stalwart of the Scene, Hocky. Utter pleasure to spend a couple of hour in the Hockdome chewing the fat about all that was and will still be. Currently fronting Biteback, Hockmeister is also well known for years kicking ass in Instant Agony. Tunes aplenty from both punctuate our prose. Go give Hocky some love, bitebackpunk.bandcamp.com/releases www.facebook.com/bitebackpunk/ youtu.be/ZIv3a7_zD4o Give me some love here https://www.facebook.com/BOMLPOD/
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