103 minutes | Jul 16, 2019

Ep. 15 Ste Lingard (Flat Back Four) Getting it into the Mixer

There’s only one Flat Back Four in my life and stalwart soldier of misfortune, Ste Lingard has been living the blood, sweat and beers of UK underground rock n roll, hard, over the last 15 years. BoML pins him down and gently pries open the treasure chest of tales from the, least and most, rewarding job in the world. I had a mint time with Steve and i feel we only scratched the surface so he’ll have to come back whether he likes it or not. This episode is interspersed with fine Flat Back Four tunes and stick around to the end for a new tune from The Kirkz. More poignantly there’s some excellent words from Steve in recognition of Kathy Rocker who sadly left us recently. We love characters here on BoML and we just lost one. Linkz: BoML Homepage - Now featuring articles with Words From The Biff Dimension. https://bomlpodcast.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/BOMLPOD/ Flat Back Four https://www.facebook.com/flatbackfour/ https://flatbackfour.bandcamp.com/ Couple off massive shout outs to Eddie Swirve and Will Farley for helping me with the behind the curtain stuff. You little belters.
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