120 minutes | Jan 22, 2019

Ep 12. Jason Carroll - No where to Hyde - the words of a punk rock bastion

Yes, yes. Bane of My Life is back for more saucy punk rock content in Big 2019. First up a trip to the beacon amongst Stockport’s dark Satanic Mills, Pressure Drop rehearsal and recording studios. And lurking in this Kirkz -ratified sanctum, none other then Big Jase Carroll, case of cider in hand, ready to hunker down for the BoML long haul. I can’t say the S word without using airquotes but the scene relies on promoters like Jase, doing the thankless task to give us bands somewhere to give it some and hopefully someone to give it to Well following years of grind then Mr Carroll just happens to have gotten quite good at it so you know that his gigs will bang, just as we’re lucky to doing for him in April. He’s also just off his most successful run of gigs having been instrumental in getting the legendary Macc Lads back to the stage in Nov 18. Well known and well liked for reasons that come across here, sit back and enjoy. TUNES in order One Man Stand - Black Hole Anger Flares - We got the Power RBH - Wankin in the Woods Vomit - Bound for Glory Drongo's for Europe - Contamination Gimp Fist - Here I Stand In Evil Hour - Predators https://bomlpodcast.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/BOMLPOD https://www.facebook.com/pressuredropstudio/ https://www.facebook.com/merchmerchmerchandise/
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