63 minutes | Feb 13th 2017

RGOP: Why do Haters Gotta Hate?

This is the first episode that has a video to go along with the podcast! Go to youtube.com/Charlesmcfall to see the live recording of this audio. In order to watch live visit Patreon.com/rockgodofpodcasting for more information. Mike Woodard asks the Rock God of Podcasting "Why do Haters Gotta Hate?" That sets off a fun exploration into areas that include reviewers who feel the need to hate on a product, regular people who seem to always have you poo poo on what you say, and even folks like myself who sometimes feel the need to lead with what we disliked instead of what we loved. Of course, I take responsibility for my actions and lead with stories of why I tend to lean towards the Darkside sometimes. This show is all about my stories but it is really about the shared human experience and the only way to share is to have you participate. So I need more questions from you! Email me RGOP@charlesmcfall.com and hit me with your best shot – maybe you will get brand new stories out of me and bring some new adventures to the world. I tell stories so to be blatantly honest if you want to know the answer to the question then hit play. Here you will get metal attitude, high energy humor, and unbridled honesty. My life is about making awesome stories and sometimes they are shared through NSFW language. Follow Me: RockGodofPodcasting.com Blogtalkradio.com/rockgodofpodcasting FB/rockgodofpodcasting @rockgodofpod
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