61 minutes | Mar 20th 2020

423 Food Allergies & the app that will save your life w/ Joey DiGangi of AssureTech

Joey DiGangi has a peanut allergy that has affected him his entire life. Obviously, Joey has had to deal with the difficulties associated with managing a food allergy, so he started a company dedicated to developing a product and corresponding mobile application that can help other people with this life-threatening condition.

Joey is the owner and founder of AssureTech. At AssureTech they develop simple, yet highly-effective food allergy management solutions.

The app that could save your life if you have a food allergy is the Epi-Center App.

The Epi-Center App makes food allergies easier to manage - whether facing an emergency situation or day-to-day issues like finding safe-to-eat food or getting support from the community. The EpiCenter App is designed to help you navigate the different and complex aspects of life with food allergies, whether you're in your own country or traveling abroad.

Download the Epi-Center App for Free ⏩ epicenter-app.com/

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✅Episode #400 Explains "Creating Superheroes" And Begins Our Journey.


💪We ALL have a “Superpower”💪

What is this “Superpower” all about?

  • Your Superpower is how YOU can SERVE others.
  • Your Superpower is an innate ability YOU possess.
  • Your Superpower is where YOUR Passion meets Competence.
  • Your Superpower is what YOU were BORN to do with your LIFE.


When you find your Superpower,

And you use your Superpower to help others,

You become a Superhero.

This is how we Create Superheroes.


When you take your Superpower,

and join forces with others who have found their Superpowers,

you create a Mastermind that can impact humanity.

This is how we become Avengers, X-Men, Justice League, Legends!


How can YOU identify what your Superpower is?

  1. It's a skill that you complete with ease, although others may struggle.
  2. This skill, when performed, doesn’t drain you of energy. This skill ENERGIZES You and Augments Life!
  3. This skill is Your Unique calling in life. Harness Your UNIQUE Superpower and your LIGHT will switch on Forever.


We should spend 60-80% of our day utilizing this Superpower to serve others and delegate the rest.


The PROBLEM is that most of us haven’t discovered our Superpower yet.

This is my new beginning in helping find these Superpowers in others.

AND to discover how to uncover The Superpower in YOU💪


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