44 minutes | Jan 13, 2021

RV Podcast 327: RV News and Helpful Travel Tips during the Pandemic

This episode of the RV Podcast has the latest RV News, RV Travel tips about moving around the country during the pandemic and shares a great off the beaten path spot in Montana. You can listen to the podcast in the player below or through your favorite Podcast app. Scroll down this page for shownotes and links and resources about all the things we talk about. WHAT MIKE AND JENNIFER ARE UP TO THIS WEEK We talk about the two RV shows being held this week… The Florida RV Supershow in Tampa and the big Quartzsite RV Show in Arizona. We also explain why we decided not to attend this year We share our winter campout experience up at Tahquamenon Falls in the Michigan UP this past weekend where the temperature dropped to 10 degrees We talk about Bo falling into a foot and a half of muck along a lake during a hike and why it's important to keep your eye on your pets when they are off-leash This part of the RV Podcast is brought to you by Camping World – America’s #1 RV Dealer RV PODCAST INTERVIEW OF THE WEEK This week the podcast interview is… with us! We’re going to share an interview that was done with us by Camping World. It’s part of a mini-documentary they did on us that was shot at our campsite at the Holland Michigan State Park last fall. It aired nationwide last week on their Ultimate RV Show and we present it here for you on the podcast for those who missed it.   The interview of the week is brought to you by SunshinestateRVs.com, where every new  motorhome is delivered to the customer free, anywhere in the country OFF THE BEATEN PATH RV PODCAST REPORT FROM MONTANA    BY TOM & PATTI BURKETT Oh,” said the lady on the other side of the table, “I’m so glad you picked that one!  That cookie recipe won the blue ribbon at the State Fair eight years ago.”   It was late September, and the Rocky Mountain Front farmers market had pretty slim pickings—apples, Brussels sprouts, a bit of kale, and these jars of fine looking cookies.   Even though the season was clearly winding down, a dozen or more folks were gathered, chatting, around the coffee pot, whose long electric tail stretched to the municipal building across the lot. A lot of us like to spend some time every now and then in Glacier National Park.    If you’re entering the park from the east side, the quickest way us up Interstate 15 and then across US 2 to East Glacier or up to Saint Mary.   We’re a hundred percent in favor of spending as much time as possible in the park, but, as is often the case, taking a less hurried route to get there can pay off.   Unless we’re in a big hurry or the weather is bad, we avoid the four lanes, opting instead for the almost-always-present older blue highway that goes through the center of town instead of bypassing it. Such was the case as we made our way north toward Glacier along US 89, the original highway connecting Yellowstone to Glacier.   The Old Trail dino It’s a great road trip all on its own, starting in Flagstaff and winding north through a half dozen National Forests, past the Great Salt Lake, through the Teton Valley, and reposting the traveler at the edge of the Waterton International Peace Park on the US-Canadian border.   If you drive it right up here near Glacier, you’ll undoubtedly be stopped by the imposing brightly colored dinosaurs that greet visitors outside the Old Trail Museum in Choteau, Montana. Sadly, the museum had closed for the season by the time we wandered through, but the dinosaurs and the other exhibits outside made it worth a look anyway, and that’s how we came across the farmers market, in a parking lot around the side.   Up here, way north of the Teton Park, the Teton River is dry much of the year, and droughts are not uncommon.  Still, it’s a fertile and productive agricultural area that’s supported a strong community since its founding in the 1880s.   Among the things you’ll notice as you drive through are the school and county courthouse,
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