52 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

3 Powerful Steps on How to Make the RV Lifestyle a Reality

When it comes to how to make the RV Lifestyle a reality, it's as simple a matter as deciding "I will." Not "someday." Not "I hope." I will. That's what our guests on this week's podcast said. And did. And today, Lisa Maas and her husband Dr. Gary Daniel, are traveling the nation in a Class C motorhome, experiencing all the joys and fulfillment that comes from living out their passions to help others, while at the same time working remotely as they explore the country. You can listen to our RV Podcast Interview with them in the player below. Or keep scrolling down for a transcript. As the couple approached their retirement years, they wondered what to do. Both agreed that traveling in their RV was at the top of the list. But they wanted more than just travel. They wanted purpose. Dr. Gary is a longtime behavioral psychologist. He now practices from the road, working remotely and helping to motivate others to find their passions and purposes, often by embracing the RV Lifestyle. Lisa - wait for it!- has become a Professional Archer. She was a realtor and had a corporate job. Now, in her late 50s she plans to crisscross the country attending archery tournaments, competing for prize money, and selling a new line of clothing and archery gear she developed that is aimed just for women. The process they followed and the process they recommend to others has three simple but powerful steps. Step 1 - Count the Cost Don't go into this naive. Do your research. If you are planning to go full-time, realize that the RV Lifestyle is not cheap. It costs much more than many suggest and it takes emotional maturity to adapt to a life constantly on the move and away from family and traditional support systems. Step 2 - Make a decision Once you conclude you can afford it, don't waste time overthinking about it. Decide. Buy the RV. Make your travel plans. Book those reservations. Or don't. But decide and don't look back. If it doesn't work out, you can return to your previous life, the richer for the experience. Time moves very fast. Go for it. Step 3 - Stop with the what-ifs Don't hope this will work out. Say to your selves I will. I can. The power of positive affirmation is huge.  How to Make the RV Lifestyle a Reality - Lisa and Gary's Interview Here's an edited transcript of our interview with Lisa and Gary: Mike Wendland: Well, joining us now from Twin Falls, Idaho are Lisa and Gary, and we are delighted to have you guys on the program this week. How are you? , Dr. Gary Daniel: To be any better. Mike you'd have to have two of us. Mike Wendland: Well, I do have two of you, so I'm pretty excited. There are so many people who think they're going to retire, but you're not really quite ready to give all that up, but you almost feel a little guilty and just throwing yourselves into the party lifestyle of constantly vacationing. But we all need purpose. That's the way Jennifer and I like to tell people, and I think we can tell everybody through your story and particularly through your expertise, Dr. Gary. Lisa tell us your background. And then Gary we'll get into yours and, and then we'll get into the meat of this operation, which everybody wants to hear about how to really make the RV lifestyle fulfilling and everything you'd hoped it would be. And then some, so Lisa talk, start off with your story. How Lisa and Gary came to the RV Lifestyle Lisa Maas: Okay, thank you first for having us. I've had a really interesting life and an interesting story. I started out in the travel business after I graduated from college and traveled all over the United States and Canada as a guide and owning a travel agency. And then I retired from that. I didn't really want to travel out of a suitcase anymore and hotels and moved to Hawaii. I had never been there. I went there sight unseen and got into the real estate industry and became quite successful, then eventually owning my own agency.
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