66 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

17 Super Helpful RV Campground Tips for Getting a Spot this Summer

Here are 17 insider RV Campground tips to score and enjoy that perfect spot this summer. If you are a new RV owner on your maiden voyage you will want to pay particular attention! Our guest in this week's Episode 334 of the RV Podcast is a campground owner and she has some great info for both new RVers and veteran campers. Her candid suggestions are a great resource and you may want to bookmark this article or share it with a friend. She is Marcia Neese and, with her husband, Jim, she runs a brand new campground in a very popular location in North Carolina. The first thing we want to make clear in this article is that, just like it is a seller's market in the RV industry where the demand is so strong that new RVs take a year to 18 months to get, it is a renter's market in the campground industry, whether that recreational vehicle campground is a state park or any of the thousands of private RV parks across North America. RV Campgrounds are selling out very fast We have some RV Campground Tips for finding a place to camp this summer It makes no difference if you have a travel trailer, a Class B, C, or A motorhome, a fifth wheel, or even a pop-up, RV campgrounds are filled right now for most weekends and holidays during the summer months And down south or in the Southwest, it's already the same in the winter months of 2021-21. Your fellow campers may have already beaten you to getting an RV camp site. And that's true whether its with campgrounds in National Parks, State Parks or privately owned campgrounds. Don't panic, though, because we have RV tips that will help. Below is an edited transcript of our interview with Marcia. Although we talk a lot about those RVers who are on their first RV trip, her advice applies to everyone who enjoys RV life. So listen up! We are sure you'll find a great idea or two! Marcia and Jim of RiverWalk offer us lots of helpful RV campground tips Marcia and Jim Neese opened RiverWalk RV Park in Jonesville, N.C. on June 11, 2020, just as the rest of the world was literally shutting down because of the COVID-19 pandemic. To their surprise, even with social distancing and travel restrictions in many place, their 51-site campground on a wooded 11-acre site along the Yadkin River was completely booked every single weekend from the day they opened until even now. Here are highlights and tips from our conversation.  Mike Wendland:          Joining us now from North Carolina, from Jonesville on the beautiful Yadkin River, is Marcia Neese. She is the owner, with her husband, of the beautiful RV Riverwalk Park, the RiverWalk RV Park. I guess you're right between Jonesville and Elkin, right? Marcia Neese:              Yes, yeah. Hello, hello everyone. We are. It's a very fine line there. The river is the only thing separating us so we're just a couple of minutes from Elkin and located... The park is in Jonesville. Mike Wendland:          Now your park is described as a sort of "boutique" RV park. What does that mean in terms of the RV lifestyle? What is a boutique RV park? Marcia Neese:              Yeah, it is a different term as it relates to the RV lifestyle. My husband and I, we're always trying to think outside of the box. We're RVers and we've created our park for other RVers. As we were building it, we were trying to understand exactly where it fit in. Was it a premiere park? Was it a corporate-type park? We're on 11 acres. We have 51 spacious sites. And the area that we're in is very quaint and boutique-ish as well. We came up with that we're a boutique size park. We have just enough for everyone, but not too much to where you're overwhelmed when you come. I like to use the word quaint again, but we feel that we offer a quaint environment. Mike Wendland:          We'll talk a little bit about some of that in a couple of minutes, but the first thing is you opened this park right in the middle of the COVID shut down.
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