70 minutes | Apr 17, 2018

Spring Turkey Hunting Tips with Matt Dale, Turkey Expert

Okay folks, buckle up for this episode because there is a lot of information packed into this interview. Today's guest is Matt Dale, renowned YouTube Turkey Expert. While you may not know him by name, you almost certainly have seen one of his videos on YouTube and have grown as a hunter because of his authentic, down-to-earth and extremely valuable instructional videos. I first saw one of Matt's videos about 5 years ago when I was preparing to go on my first hunt: spring turkey. His videos helped back then and they are helping today as I prepare for spring turkey hunting 2018. In this episode we discuss: how Matt started turkey hunting, keys to preparing for your first turkey hunt, essential spring turkey gear, scouting, locating, and hunting techniques, how to successfully hunt a new area, and Matt's three tips for success. Be sure to subscribe to the Roads to Ridges podcast. Follow Matt Dale on Social Media YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mddale31 Facebook: Eyes of the Hunter Inc.
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