30 minutes | Apr 9, 2018

Planning Your Hunting Year

In this episode I reveal the name of my podcast and discuss my preparations for hunting in 2018. To help plan out my year I created a hunting calendar that visualizes what animals I can hunt (and fish) throughout the year so I can know at a glance what to hunt when. For me, this is crucial to planning my first hunting year and will keep me on track while I schedule interviews with experts for every game animal that I hunt this year. As a bonus, you can download a copy of my hunting calendar for yourself here. I also discuss the licensing process for WA state and walk you through the process of buying my WA fishing and hunting license. I discuss the different fishing and hunting options available in WA state and share what licenses I'm buying this year and how much they cost. Don't forget, you can download my hunting calendar at this link. Interested in being on the podcast or want to recommend a topic? Connect with me here.    
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