23 minutes | Mar 16, 2020

Rising Tide Radio Episode 12: Taking care of ourselves during the COVID-19 pandemic

As educators, we love the flexibility in our typically tightly-structured schedule that comes along with school holidays. But, if we were really being honest with ourselves, we usually function best with a schedule and a mountain of things on our to-do list. It will be tempting to binge-watch television series during our COVID-19 break, and there is no shame in doing that, but we will feel much better if we also feel accomplished. In this episode, we share the #COVID19selfcare challenge, a daily list of actions that we commit to doing while on the extended break from school. Learn more: The #Teacher26 "virtual marathon" - the brainchild of Dr. Dave Schmittou The DONE app, for habit tracking The 75 Hard Challenge by Andy Frisella Share your personalized challenge list on social media with the hashtag #COVID19selfcare
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