37 minutes | Mar 27, 2020

Transformative Medium Trevor Roufs

During this episode the spotlight is on RISE Paranormal's team member Trevor Roufs. Trevor is an extremely talented Psychic Medium who utilizes his gifts to help other people, both living and in spirit.  Trevor was born in Poway California and has been sensing and seeing spirit his entire life. As a kid he believed it was only his imagination but as he got older, he realized there was more to what he was experiencing. When he was 16 years old, he finally understood that he was a Psychic Medium. As a Medium, Trevor’s energy is unique. He can feel the electrical charge and pulse in the atmosphere and weather. This aids him at being extremely adept at energy manipulation which helps spirits that are stuck by helping them raise their vibration. It also helps Trevor to understand and pick up on the spirits life experiences by tuning into their energy.   Trevor’s gifts are also rare because of his ability to send his energy in certain directions to “feel out” or “sample a room’s” energy. By doing this, he can psychically see where specific objects, people, and/or furniture is placed in a room or building without having ever seen it. Today, Trevor is venturing out into the world of professional Mediumship. If you would like to schedule a reading with Trevor you can find him on Facebook at Transformative Medium Trevor Roufs!
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