38 minutes | Sep 30, 2019


This episode is very close to the RISE Paranormal team’s heart. Elementals are the souls that are loyal, loving, energetic, and all about friends! Elementals reside all over the world taking care of their home, planet earth. They are sometimes referred to as nature spirits or guardians. Fairies, Pixies, Water Sprites, Imps, Leprechauns, and Mermaids are a few examples of beings that were inspired from the Elemental realm. Just as we all have Guardian Angels around us, trying to help us and guide us every day, so are the Elementals. Elementals are the nature guardians residing here, just in a different realm to the physical one we live in. They are sent to safeguard planet Earth, but that doesn’t mean that they do not help people as well. These loving souls love to help people, some are healers and they will try to help those that are sick, as well as helping nature! Elementals live all over the world. They are a big part of what gives many of the great wildernesses of the world that magical feeling that is hard to describe until one has felt it for themselves. They are one of the reasons people feel more peaceful and relaxed if sitting under a tree, by a river, on a beach or in a grass meadow. Scotland and Ireland for example are often described as magical by locals and visitors alike. You do not need to go far though to find Elementals no matter where you are in the world. A plant in your garden will most likely have fairies coming by to take care of it, a tree will have a tree Elemental spirit living there. The Elementals surround us every day. Most people have been exposed to Elementals at some point throughout their life, whether it be childhood stories, folklore tales or personal experience. You may fully believe and accept the existence of these beings already; indeed, you may have had experiences with them yourself! This episode is sure to keep you intrigued to learn of the knowledge of our Elemental friends that are all around us!
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