47 minutes | Feb 9, 2020

Demonic Activity

Through the hundreds of cases RISE has conducted over the years they have learned certain information and techniques when dealing with negative hauntings and demonic activity. Please take note that demonic activity is extremely rare, and RISE is sharing some of their knowledge and experiences so that people can better recognize who and what these entities are and if they are experiencing true demonic activity. RISE has experience dealing with dark elementals, extremely negative human spirits (they call Followers), and Demons. Because of RISE Paranormal's team member, Angel Medium Dr. Michael Terzi, they specialize in dealing with darker cases and demonic activity. It is RISE Paranormal's intent to convey some of their knowledge to help others feel empowered and in control if they are experiencing these dark hauntings. Some people may feel scared, confused, alone, lost, or hopeless and learning more information can help tremendously, knowledge is power! Through knowledge and understanding we can eliminate fear!
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