17 minutes | May 17, 2021

The Wasted Worry

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about the future? Ruminating on thoughts about what could happen and trying to prepare yourself for them? This is what I called wasted worrying. The main reason it's wasted is because you don't know what the future holds. We don't know what is going to happen in the future, so why do we worry so much about it. It's wasted because we waste a lot of energy, emotional energy and time in our minds on worrying about things that may actually never happen. Worrying isn't completely wasted though, it can teach us something, help us identify where we focus on attention, identify if we are thinking negatively. It can help us identify all of this, to help us take action and make changes in our mindset. How do we stop the cycle of the wasted worry? Advice I received from a school staff member was to not look ahead more than 3 months, even less. Don’t look too far ahead and create your own future that may actually never happen. Be aware of what you're thinking about and turn your thoughts aroundDeep breathing - breathing techniquesTapping meditation Journal writingFocus on gratitudeThese are not rocket science and you could look up any site about worry. But the biggest thing you need to do is to actually do these things. It takes intention and practice, so my message to you , is to figure out how to stop worrying, how to stop it when it’s happening so you don’t waste more time. What are the tools in your toolbox that can help you? This is personal to everyone, not everything works for everyone - but you have to build it, then practice it. I can help you - let me know if you need help with creating a customized plan and toolbox for you. It’s not always easy to figure out on your own and having an unbiased person to help you might be what you need. That’s it for this episode. If you can relate to this, please follow this podcast so you never miss an episode and share this podcast to those who may need it. If you need help, I am a mindset and life coach - DM me @susanfink.rise or you can also check out my site https://www.risemindset.com to connect. I want you to remember is you’re not alone in this journey. Stay connected, reach out, there are solution out there to help you!My mission is to help as many people as I can and I cannot do that without you. Thank you, thank you thank you for listening, thank you for your support in sharing this podcast to help others. And until next time, I appreciate, I empathize, and I am here for you. and...We...can do this!Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/susanfink.rise)
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