21 minutes | May 3, 2021

Finding Your Lost Identity

Do you feel like you lost your identity and you are unfulfilled in a certain area of your life? Early on when my son was born as a single mother was working and taking care of my child I completely lost sense of who I am and what my goals were, my passion, my interests - I basically identified myself as a single mom, someone who worked and took care of my son. To be honest, there wasn’t a lot of time to take care of myself or do anything I was interested in, at least I thought there wasn’t time. I felt like I completely lost myself. So if you've lost your identity this podcast is for you If you are unsure of who you are anymore or if you have lost your sense of being let's talk about that How can we get that back?Here are some steps or things you can do to recover your identity, or to even create or shape a new identity, Give yourself permission to figure it out - give yourself time. Sometimes we also have to deal with specific emotions in between, could be allowing yourself time to grieve, to feel and handle sadness, anxiety, to push through getting services or schedules set up for your child - there could be some things in the way that you need to move through and navigate before you can really start the work to determine your identityThink about things that have shaped your identity in the past. What are things you enjoyed doing - things you loved doing? What are your hobbies? For me, I enjoyed exercising, running, playing volleyball, being active in the community by volunteering, hiking, sleepingFind your people - there are so many groups out there now on Facebook, meetup - you can really find people in your area who have the same passions as you. Get connected, pick up a class - interact with others who share your passions will bring so much joy to your life and focus your attention on so much positivity. This is your chance to take back what you feel like you have lost and to shape it into your life, potentially in a different wayEmbrace change Think about what you want to be in the future - what are your goals? Trying to resurrect previous passions and hobbies, or to create goals for the future takes work - so get a pen and paper and start writing. Get it all out of your head and see what it looks like on paper. Make a plan - How can you achieve these goals or start incorporating your passions and hobbies into your life - into your schedule. A lot of people have thoughts in their head about what they wan tto do, but don’t always put a plan together. Even a bulleted list of things you’re going to do to achieve your goals or to get out there to build back your identity. So, take this step - the more clarity you have, the better you’ll be able to reach your goals and start feeling whole again. Here’s the thing - Identify doesn’t have to be set in stone. People can grow, change, and fall in love with new ideas and out of love with old ones. Allowing yourself the opportunity to go through that process isn't a betrayal of your true identity. It may be an opportunity to find a new version of yourself you never knew was out there.Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/susanfink.rise)
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