9 minutes | Oct 23rd 2020

BONUS: Remembering Who You Are In a Season of Transition

In the midst of transition, a world flipped upside down, SO many of us lose a sense of who we are.

You had a job that’s gone away, a relationship that’s ended, kids living in the house who’ve moved out — and now that this thing that was so much of who you were is gone, what does it mean for your identity? What of the thoughts and emotions that come with these shifting seas?

In last month’s Life Coaching course I walked my community through some of the insights and breakthroughs that have come my way in the regular live chats we have in our Facebook group. As much as the video quality isn’t the sharpest, I hope this can be a resource for anyone who’s in any way struggling to understand who they are in the midst of the sea changes that we’re all experiencing.

For more information on coaching, head to this link! -----> https://thehollisco.com/pages/hollisu

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