52 minutes | Sep 23, 2021

162: Sparking a Purpose in Life and Work - with Jonathan Fields

On this episode of Rise Together Dave sits down with dad, husband, award-winning author, media-producer, and entrepreneur, Jonathan Fields. Johnathan's story is one of finding opportunities, and generating an impact through the fulfilling process of creativity. So many of us are searching for our purpose, and for the spark we feel is missing in our work- Johnathan's new book Sparked could help you identify the kind of work that makes you come alive.Let's go!--I want to be your coach. Yes, YOU! Join me at Growth Day, not for pre-taped lessons, but for weekly LIVE coaching. Click the link and gain access to my coaching + some of the world leaders in personal growth like Brendon Burchard, Jenna Kutcher, Jamie Kern Lima, and more! -> http://bit.ly/daveatgrowthHave you heard about Dave’s new book? After his hardest year also became his best ever, Dave came to appreciate the power of cultivating courage in the face of adversity. Taking steps into the unknown came at the expense of his comfort, but the willingness to invite discomfort and use it as fuel was precisely why he grew through it to get a step closer to the person he was meant to be. The same can be true for you! Pre-order your copy of Built Through Courage today! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices
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