48 minutes | Jan 18, 2019

EP. 10 Why I quit my job in 2018 & lessons learned

Most people romanticize the day when they can leave our 9 to 5 job to and pursue their passion and purpose. I was one of them, but for me, this was not my first time taking the leap and it was no easy feat. Listen in as I discuss some of the challenges I was up against, how I knew it was time for me to go, & common challenges women face in the workplace. This is for anyone who's: Dealing with challenges at work and want's to understand the part that we can actually play in our own struggle. Also, if this is something you are ready to do or have been considering, I share with you how I was able to get through and make a move that set me up for success. If you need help in your process, join my private accountability group on Facebook! Follow on Twitter & Instagram or Facebook Connect with the hostess: www.evonnamcdonald.com/
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