42 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

Session 0 - Intro to Pathfinder 2E + Resources

Is Pathfinder 2E the right game for you? In this session, we go over the history of 2E's development, the top 5 reasons to play, and resources to learn more!Show Shout out: Alex, Dennis, and Mando! Thank you for your Patreon support!Music by Dragens Music and Tabletop Audio. Effects from Epidemic Sounds. Other music from the podcast by Kevin MacLeod, Wontolla, and other creative commons licenses.Check out our endorsements!PF2.ToolsPathfinder 2E SubredditHow It's PlayedCollective ArcanaNoNat1'sDeadly D8Sir VertigoVenture-CaptainsTower of TimesQueue TimesKnow Direction PodcastDice Don't DieTrailblazer Academy --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rulelord2e/support
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