55 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

The Alignment Quotient, Part 2 of 2

Christopher is back to dive even deeper into The Alignment Quotient. In this episode he shares how one WWII German pilot’s decision to stay in alignment has had ripple effects that made a difference for him personally, what science is saying about consciousness, and how creating a SPICY purpose can help ensure greater health and happiness well into our later years. Christopher also shares more about his course, and is graciously giving our listeners a very special 25% discount here: https://onlinecourse.thealignmentquotient.com/forging-alignment/5xra0?coupon=riseandshine. (While it is an affiliate link, Lori Anne and Mark are students of the course and highly recommend it). To learn more about us, or find out how you can be a guest on our show, visit www.RiseAndShineAsOne.com.
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