54 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

The Alignment Quotient, Part 1 of 2

It’s time to flip the script we’ve been living by. The one we’ve been taught has been undermining the happy, fulfilling life we crave – and we didn’t even know it! In this episode, we begin our conversation with Christopher Ancona around what alignment and consciousness really are, and how we can take ownership of our self-worth, dignity, and identity regardless of circumstances. It’s powerful, fun, and explores the topic through music, language, science, choice and more!(For those who are interested in diving deeper, Christopher is graciously giving our listeners a very special 25% discount on his unique and powerful course here: https://onlinecourse.thealignmentquotient.com/forging-alignment/5xra0?coupon=riseandshine. (While it is an affiliate link, we only refer programs and products we have personally experienced and approved). To learn more about us, or find out how you can be a guest on our show, visit www.RiseAndShineAsOne.com.
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