54 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Encore Embracing Your Weirdness: Using Radical Authenticity for Success

From a young age we’re taught to conform, fit into a box, and meet others’ expectations. Believing that success can only come from following specific formulas creates unnecessary and daunting pressure for youth and millennials today that diverts their focus away from their unique, natural strengths and gifts. Radical authenticity is a powerful model that allows us to live fulfilled lives, bring our unique value to the world, and stand out in a world that coerces us to conform. Living radically authentic challenges us to accept the good, bad, weird, and ugly of ourselves, and to live confidently in the belief that our individuality is what will allow us to shine and create success that’s right for us. To learn more or find out how you can be a guest, visit www.RiseAndShineAsOne.com.
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