69 minutes | Jul 18, 2017

S1E21: Ben Carpenter on Overcoming His Emaciating Chron's Disease, Twice

"I don't track my macros either, and loads of people are surprised when they hear that because I talk about it all the time. But if you want to do it via the simplest method possible, why would you track more meticulously than you need to?" Ben Carpenter is an in-demand and immensely popular UK-based personal trainer. He's well versed in all the geeky stuff we fitness nerds like to talk about on the internet, but I would argue that his special talent lies in the ways he takes that information and breaks it down to advise the regular folks who walk into his gym. In this interview, we did into that. We also discuss his incredible physical recovery from losing nearly 50lbs, all his hard-earned muscle mass and more, twice(!) after suffering bouts of Crohn's disease, and most common mistakes he sees with his clients with advice on how you can avoid making them. For detailed show notes and links, head to www.rippedbody.com/podcast-ben-carpenter
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