66 minutes | Jun 6, 2017

S1E18: How to Factor in Individual Differences for Physique Progress

On this episode of the Rippedbody Podcast, I welcome back researcher and online coach, James Krieger, who I have invited back on the show to discuss one of the most important considerations for tweaking a nutrition and training program, individual differences. Research is great at telling us what will likely work on average, but it isn't able to tell you what will work best for YOU. In this interview, James suggests some simple questions you need to ask yourself when looking to optimize your nutrition and training strategies. Not only is James one of the most educated researchers out there, he is also one of the most genuine guys in the industry and I really enjoyed this second deep dive chat with the one and only, James Krieger. For detailed show notes and links - Click here www.rippedbody.com/individual-differences Thanks for listening!
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