48 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Sas Freeman - Writer, Artist, mentor and stroke survivor

Sas Freeman was living the fairytale dream as a model, a television and film actress – which all came to an end overnight. Life changed drastically for the 45-year-old as the result of not one, but two back-to-back strokes  .After experiencing two strokes in her mid-40s, Sas has become an impassioned advocate for increasing stroke awareness and supporting fellow stroke survivors and their care partners.  She is the author of Two strokes not out.  Sas previously worked as a photographic model and on television. She appeared in films and as a double for Emma Thompson in Brideshead Revisited. Alongside, she managed teams for companies delivering advertising material for national organisations, client facing where necessary, pitching campaigns.She is now an artist using her non-dominant hand following her strokes.  Her website ishttp://www.sasfreeman.com This interview was recorded during the period of the lockdown.Support the show (https://www.interactstrokesupport.org)
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