43 minutes | May 3, 2021

Peter Levine- author, academic and stroke researcher

Peter G Levine is a researcher, author, clinician, professor and science communicator, dedicated to finding and reporting on the best systems for driving post-stroke brain plasticity. Pete has been at the forefront of testing many of the most innovative stroke neuro-rehab options including EMG-based gaming, wearable robotics, mental practice, functional E-Stim, transcranial magnetic stimulation and modified constraint-induced therapy (mCIT). He was the lab co-director at the U. of Cincinnati Academic Medical Center, and a Research Associate at the Kessler Institute. His clinical research continued with The OSU B.R.A.I.N. lab. Pete communicates what he's learned in research through his blog, dozens of magazine and articles, hundreds of professional talks, and his book, Stronger After Stroke.You can find his blog here.Explore his research here and you can listen to his own podcast here.Support the show (https://www.interactstrokesupport.org)
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