10 minutes | Jul 17, 2017

Unplugged Wedding: Why And How To Unplug Your Guests

Join the Facebook community at http://sophialemon.com/facebook - In 2013 I attended my first wedding as a guest since I started working as a wedding photographer. Every 5 minutes I found myself in a panic and reaching for my camera. But it wasn't there! It was weird. Much to the surprise of other guests, I didn't take my camera with me. And it proved to be incredibly liberating. Though I had experienced the 'unplugged wedding' as a photographer, I hadn't yet experienced it as a guest. This wedding totally convinced me that it's the way to go! Here are the questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether to go unplugged: Are you hiring a professional? Do you want your guests to be engaged in your wedding? Do you want them in your photos? If they take photos, will you ever see them? Ultimately if you decide to go unplugged the best advice I can give you is to communicate your wishes. You can send along instructions in your invitations, ask your officiant to share your wishes before the ceremony starts, and you should tell your photographer whether you are going unplugged or not so she knows what to expect. Get the show notes and see the photos that go along with this episode here: http://sophialemon.com/9 - Thanks to Benjamin Edward for my super cool caricature and Bensound for my theme music!
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