13 minutes | Jun 20, 2017

How To Get Your Kids To Behave For Family Portraits

See the photos that go with this episode at http://sophialemon.com/6 - I photographed the cutest little almost-two-year-old last week in the Niagara Region. I spent 3 hours with him and his family. He showed me his mechanic skills, how he cuts the grass with his dad, and his garden. In that 3 hours there was a lot of laughter, some intense curiosity, and even some tears. But altogether it went really smoothly, and it got me thinking about how parents can prepare young children (and themselves) for their session. - So this is what I got into in this week's podcast episode. Here's a quick rundown: Don’t talk in too much detail about your session; Give your photographer some topics your kids like to talk about; If there are tears, let them flow. Don't stress out about it; Arrive early so you can introduce your kids to your photographer before the camera comes out; Don’t expect your children to behave for more than 20 minutes; Don’t say cheese. Natural smiles are always better; Only look at the camera when you are asked to; Never expect children younger than 2 to look at the camera on command; Do not scold your child for behaving like a child; Trust your photographer to get some great photos of your children in the moment. - Join the community on Facebook at http://sophialemon.com/facebook - Thanks to Benjamin Edward for my super cool caricature and Bensound for my awesome beats.
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