13 minutes | Jul 11, 2017

Copyright Law And What It Means For Your Family And Wedding Photos

See all the notes for this show at http://sophialemon.com/8 and join the community on Facebook at http://sophialemon.com/Facebook Copyright law is a little bit convoluted. I admit it! As a photographer I care a lot about it, but even I find it difficult to decipher. In fact I had a heck of a time reading the Canadian Copyright Act when researching this article. So for you, someone who might not have a reason to think about it ever, I imagine it's absolutely baffling. It's a question I often receive from clients as we discuss my process and our contract. When we get to the copyright clause there are understandably questions about who owns what, and what my clients can do with their photos. After all, you are contracting me to create photographs for you. So when you read that I own the rights to all of the photographs I produce you might rightly be surprised. Being that this is an important and significant investment, you should understand why your photographer owns the copyright to your photographs, what it means for you, and what you should look for in your photography contract to be sure you're absolutely covered and protected. Thanks to Benjamin Edward for my super cool caricature and Bensound for my awesome beats.
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