14 minutes | Aug 8, 2017

5 Tips To Take Better Family Photos

To see the pictures that go along with this episode go to http://sophialemon.com/11 - To download my Picture Perfect Guide go to http://pictureperfect.guide - As a photographer I’m often asked, “How do I take better photos of my family?” In the past I’ve sat down with friends to explain the physics of photography. I’ve struggled through the settings on their cameras; written notes; drawn diagrams; and gone over the relationship between ISO200, f5.6, and 1/250 again, and again, and again. Ultimately I don’t think I’ve helped anyone this way, so I’ve decided to try another approach on teaching folks how to take better family photos. - Taking better photos of your family is not about what ISO/aperture/shutterspeed combination produces the best photographs, or what zoom lens you’ll need, or how much sunlight is too much sunlight. It’s about taking the best photos of your family you can with the equipment you have right now. These tips won’t make you a professional, but they will help you take photos you’ll be more proud to show off. - 1) Simplify. 2) Say cheese! Maybe... 3) Delete. 4) More light! 5) Get in your photos! - Join the Facebook community at http://sophialemon.com/facebook
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