16 minutes | May 3, 2020

01: What do you want to achieve in your riding?

We all want to make improvements in our riding. You may have huge hopes, dreams and aspirations in mind or more modest goals for you and your horse. However big or small your goals may be, you just keep finding there is something stopping you, and you never quite reach the finish line.  If this sounds familiar, then follow the first in our series of rider mindset exercises, to help you make a mental mindset shift to find your motivation and determination to get going, and keep going, even when the going gets tough! You can access the Rider Success action plan ebook mentioned in the show at: www.ridersuccessacademy.com  Thank you for listening to the very first episode of the Rider Success podcast. Next week, we are talking Laminitis with Dengie horse feed's equine nutritional expert, Katie Williams, MSc. 
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