67 minutes | May 21, 2014

RicandB Episode24

Welcome back to the Ric and B show, everyone. For this episode, we thought it might be interesting to do a follow-up to our HIV: Coming out for the Second Time show, which we recorded over a year ago. Think of this as a little window into what life has been like while being poz on the front lines--what's been learned, what's changed, and what change is still needed, particularly in Raleigh, NC. One of the more disturbing aspects of the poz community, and the gay community in general, is the prevalence of meth use to enhance sex. Neither of us having tried meth, we don't know how to talk about it first-hand, so we approach it with an incredulity based on what we see in the media, and from word on the street, and yeah, we still don't understand the appeal. We hope, after listening to the show, you'll lend your voices wherever you can to help and not to hurt, because there's some serious problems here that we need to address openly and fearlessly. It's the only way we're going to make them problems of the past. As always, we thank you for listening. - R&B
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