16 minutes | Jun 18, 2014

Ric & B Episode 25 Part 3 - Gettin' Bendy Widdit!

Aaaaaand we are BACK with part three of 'Gettin' Bendy' with Corbin and Kelly! For this last tid-bit, we will discover the amazingness of Lululemon and--new word-- a "yogasm"...YES. And then we DO get bendy widdit and we have pictures to prove it! We may or may not have put Corbin on *the spot* once or twice. Listen to find out how." You can now practice yoga with Corbin from the comfort of your home. Corbin has partnered with LiveExercise.com to bring you all the energy and excitement of Yoga Fusion, without the need to travel to Florida! Register NOW for your free trial! Click here -> http://liveexercise.com/?campaignid=11965&mbsy=6jrch (go on.. go get bendy widdit!) You can find out more about Corbin & NamaStacy Yoga @ http://namastacyyoga.net/ NamaStacy on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/NamaStacyYoga Raleigh NC peeps, be sure to check out Indigo Hot Yoga @ http://indigohotyoga.com/ As Corbin said, Lululemon fitness apparel can make everyone's ass look fantastic. Be sure to check them out: http://shop.lululemon.com
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