20 minutes | Jun 4, 2014

Ric & B Episode 25 Part 1 - Gettin' Bendy Widdit!

Gettin' Bendy Widdit! Yogi in da haus! Hi, kids! We're excited to sit down with our guest and yogi Corbin Stacy, and guest numero dos--a local Raleigh celebrity in many a gay man's mind--Kelly Spaulding. In this first part of three, we'll learn about Corbin's intro to yoga, how it continues to transform his life and how it could transform yours, and we'll question why Corbin prefers Britney over Madonna. We're not kidding. He said that. And Kelly? Well, she ropes us all in tight, as she normally does. We're off and stretching! Enjoy! You can find out more about Corbin & NamaStacy Yoga @ http://namastacyyoga.net/ NamaStacy on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/NamaStacyYoga Raleigh NC peeps, be sure to check out Indigo Hot Yoga @ http://indigohotyoga.com/
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