38 minutes | Feb 12, 2014

Ric & B Episode 23 Part3 - What Becomes a Go-Go Duo Most?

Welcome back for part three of What Becomes a Go-Go Duo Most with Seth Fornea and Jared LeBlanc! Folks, this is the portion of the interview you've been waiting for, whether you realize it now or not. This is one of those moments where we truly get to connect to our guests in that honest, raw way--and we *know* you like it raw. This latest Ric&B ep has everything: more go-go boy insider knowledge, physics, chickens, and ginger hole. Yes, ginger hole! You don't even need a password to get in this club. We're not sure what else you could ask for, but we'll try to make it happen for you if you do. Why? Because we love you. Now, enjoy your continued visit with these two hotties and get your ass to a club to see their asses. You'll be glad you did! ~ Ric If you want to see much, much more of Seth and Jared, check out Ric & B's blog post about this episode: http://www.ricandbseriouslystraight.com/2014/02/episode-23-part-3-what-becomes-a-go-go-duo-most/
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