37 minutes | Mar 14, 2018

010: How the Quest to Drink Water, Not Sugar Built a Business with Kara Goldin

If you’ve ever purchased something “healthy” because it said ‘diet,’ only to find out it wasn’t at all healthy, you’re not alone. It was this realization that pushed Kara Goldin to start Hint, a beverage company that produces delicious fruit infused water as a healthy alternative to soda and diet soda.   This episode of Rewriting the Rules is an inspiring account of how one woman’s desire to live healthier led to her starting her own beverage company. What started off as a personal problem that needed a solution evolved into a successful business venture. Today, Kara hopes her company will change the world and teach people how to live a healthier lifestyle.   Kara Goldin is no stranger to success. As head of the AOL e-commerce business, she took it to the $1billion mark before deciding she needed a break. At the same time, Kara, who had been drinking countless cans of diet soda for years, realized how unhealthy they were. Kara started infusing water with freshly cut fruits, and when seeking out something similar at her local grocers, realized that there was a gap in the market.   Despite being a woman, despite being a parent, despite having no knowledge of the food development and food marketing industry, AND despite being told that a preservative-free beverage with fresh fruit couldn’t be made shelf-worthy, in 2005, Kara successfully launched Hint. At the end of the day, it’s about trusting yourself to figure it out. She shares her tips and tricks for overcoming the negative voices to find her own version of success.   Kara discusses current and upcoming retail trends and the crucial role consumers are playing in driving purchases at different levels, from individual to company. She also has some insight into what life is like working with her husband, and how she manages to maximize her time.   Tune in to find out how Kara and her company are rewriting the rules about healthy living and consumer products in established industries.   Key Takeaways: [1:01] What made Kara decide to take time out from her career? [4:35] During that time period, how much Diet Coke was Kara actually drinking each day? How did that period of time give her the clarity that ended up turning into Hint? [7:02] How did Hint come to be? [13:33] What is the next retail trend or shift that Kara is really paying attention to? [17:33] In building Hint, Kara has overcome many challenges that are typically seen as barriers to success as a woman — a parent — in the consumer product industry. How has she been able to keep pushing through and ignoring the naysayers to make this happen? [23:37] When it comes to both the business aspect or parenting aspect of Kara’s life, it seems that people always want to offer advice. How does Kara know whose advice to listen to? [24:56] How does Kara talk to her kids about her work? [29:24] What are some of the tips and tricks that Kara has incorporated into her life to create efficiencies and scale her time? [32:19] If there were just one rule that Kara would wish to rewrite, what would that be, and how would Kara change it? [36:08] Learn more about Hint on their website!     Mentioned in this Episode: Rewrite the Rules Rewrite the Rules Podcast Heather Whaling Heather Whaling on Twitter #RewriteTheRules Adam Singer — Music Kara Goldin on Facebook Kara Goldin on Instagram Kara Goldin on Twitter Hint Website  
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