11 minutes | Nov 15, 2017

004: Advocating for Paid Family Leave with Tina Tchen

Tina Tchen is the former Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama and Special Assistant to President Obama. While she was in the White House she was also the Executive Director for the Council on Women and Girls. Many of her efforts during her time in the white house were focused on women and families. She could be described as driven and passionate.   Most recently, Tina is the co-chair for The United State of Women, a powerful event that promotes gender equality. She has also worked to start a movement called Galvanize, a program to give women the tools to speak up in their communities.   Tina is also very dedicated to advocating for equal paid family leave. She is interested in fighting for policies to help families and communities.   Equal paid family leave is good for everyone. It is good for families, it’s good for communities, it’s good for business. It helps business attract great employees who want to stay and be loyal.   Heather Whaling is the founder and president of Geben Communication and she is also incredibly passionate about paid family leave. Heather is striving to improve paid family leave policy for businesses of all sizes. She launched rewritetherules.co, a database and crowdsourcing website designed to provide information and community for people interested in sharing and implementing paid family leave policies.   Tina and Heather discuss the benefits of paid family leave, how a National Funded Paid Family Leave Policy could change the game and how it’s time for businesses to step up and lead the way on paid family leave.   Paid family leave is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when and Tina and Heather are determined to be a part of that change.     Key Takeaways: [00:07] The inspiration for this podcast began when Heather started rewriting the rules on paid family leave. [00:35] Tina Tchen is introduced. [01:40] Heather shares her personal experience with pregnancy and paid family leave. tly evolving; Heather met with Tina while in Columbus, OH connecting through an extens[03:41] Heather advocates for a National Funded Paid Leave Policy. [03:57] It is time for businesses to step up. In April of 2016, Heather’s company, Geben
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