19 minutes | Oct 4, 2017

001: Access to Tampons in the Workplace with Claire Coder

When you think about public women's restrooms, you think about toilet paper, seat covers, hand soap and paper towels. But what about tampons? What about pads? Tampons and pads are used every day in public restrooms, but they aren’t provided like toilet paper and hand soap.   A few years ago, Claire Coder noticed public bathrooms weren’t offering free tampons and pads and she decided to do something about it.   Claire founded, and is the current CEO, of Aunt Flow. Aunt Flow sells and donates 100% organic cotton menstrual products. Her mission is not only to provide a great product for the general consumer, but also to provide menstrual products for everyone who needs them, regardless of their ability to afford them.   For every tampon purchased from Aunt Flow, a tampon is donated to someone in need.   In addition to donating tampons to those in need, Aunt Flow is also encouraging businesses to provide free tampons in their public restrooms. Claire and her team believe people deserve to be able to feel comfortable in the workplace.   At the end of the day, Aunt Flow, sells and donates tampons, but they do more than just sell and donate tampons. Through their efforts they work to empower women, strive toward sustainable hygiene options, advocate for the transgender community, and face up to the politics of menstruation. Claire’s mission improves life for everyone, and that is something we can all applaud.   Key Takeaways: [:04] Heather introduces Claire Coder, CEO and Founder of Aunt Flow. [:45] Claire explains what Aunt Flow is all about. [2:05] Claire touches on where her confidence comes from. [3:00] For Claire, nude modeling is a unique way to build confidence and feel comfortable in her own skin. [5:27] Overcoming the awkward topic of menstruation and tampons. [7:00] When to say “no” in business and relationships. [9:16] Claire admits self-care is not her strong suit. [11:52] What Claire (and Heather) have learned about accepting and rejecting advice and criticism. [14:42] Heather touches on workplace policies and Claire explains how her mission is an extension of workplace policies. [18:08] Thank you for listening. Follow us on Twitter @prtini. Please like, share, and review if you like what you heard today.   Mentioned in this Episode: https://rewritetherules.co Prtini.com/about @prtini Auntflow.org @GoAuntFlow ClaireCoder.com/workshops BreneBrown.com   Twitter:   “If toilet paper is offered for free, why not tampons?!”   “I’m beautiful. People respect me. And I love my body.”   “Sometimes saying ‘no’ is the best way to grow a business.”  
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