167 minutes | May 27, 2020

Rock of Love S1E5 - (Star)F*cking Around

This week, passes get made and mud gets thrown both on and off the football field as the top 8 keep playing for Bret's love.    To skip intro, episode starts at 19:13   Support the show and get access to our bonus episodes donating to our Patreon account: www.patreon.com/rewindthelovepod   Follow along with us by watching “Rock of Love“ on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Tubi. Also, don't forget to rate/review/subscribe/tell all your friends about us!    RtL Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rewindlovepod/   RtL Twitter & Instagram: @rewindlovepod   Theme: “I Want You,” Paul Mitchell Beebe (via Storyblocks)
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