161 minutes | May 20, 2020

Rock of Love S1E4 - Look at Me, I'm Sam-dra Dee

Bret's top 10 team up to write (shitty) love songs, but the lyrics aren't the only place where some of the ladies express their true feelings.  To skip intro, episode starts at 10:18 Support the show and get access to our bonus episodes donating to our Patreon account: www.patreon.com/rewindthelovepod   Follow along with us by watching “Rock of Love“ on Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Tubi. Also, don't forget to rate/review/subscribe/tell all your friends about us!    RtL Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rewindlovepod/   RtL Twitter & Instagram: @rewindlovepod   Theme: “I Want You,” Paul Mitchell Beebe (via Storyblocks)
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