142 minutes | Aug 30, 2017

Parasites! Who’s Inhabiting Your Gut? - Evan Brand #160

Our bodies are a walking ecosystem that we share with trillions of microbes. While the majority of these microbes are native and beneficial, you might be surprised to learn that many of us are harboring parasites that can be the root cause of symptoms like chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression and more. Evan Brand is here to share the truth about parasites, how to test for them and how we can restore the ecology of our human animal. Evan is an Author, Podcast Host and a Louisville, Kentucky-based Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist. He is passionate about healing the chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression epidemics after solving his own IBS and depression issues. He uses at-home lab testing and customized supplement programs to find and fix the root cause of a wide range of health symptoms. In this interview, Evan and I discuss how to take a conscientious approach to many of the obstacles to robust health we face in our modern times. Our conversation leads us down many pathways — from glyphosate exposure to parasites to caffeine and stress response to mitigating the effects of EMF. Get out your notebooks for this one, folks, as Evan shares countless resources with us for our own personal investigation! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Show Introduction: Hunt + gather updates: Harvesting rosehips, making berry powder, apple cider season, upcoming bear season and acorn battered fried squirrel Q&A: How much food does Daniel actually hunt and gather + what foods does he purchase? Introducing Evan Brand What Evan’s been up to lately Hunting, Sandhill cranes and invasive species On glyphosate What led Evan to his work The truth about parasites and why you should care Likelihood of glyphosate exposure The science behind the benefits of nature immersion Caffeine, social media and anxiety Strategies for mitigating the effects of EMF Evan’s general prescription for his clients Evan’s prognosis for the future of the human species
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