98 minutes | Sep 27, 2017

On Becoming A Generalist - Kevin Kossowan #164

As modern hunting and gathering as a movement and a way of life gains momentum, we need continue to discuss, define and evolve what it means to be a conscientious hunter-gatherer. Kevin Kossowan — documentary filmmaker and creator of the gorgeous and thoughtful series, From The Wild — joins us for a conversation on all things hunting and gathering. His series From The Wild is a Canadian-based documentary series following a group of food industry friends exploring the wild foods that surround them — putting them face to face with the adventures and uncharted culinary territories that wild foods offer. From Ruffed Grouse to Shaggy Mane mushroom to Moose to Brook Trout, Kevin does not shy away from any of the wild food kingdoms, and in today’s episode, Kevin shares what he’s learned over years of procuring wild food from his local landscape and shares his thoughts on some of the leading ethical debates in the hunting and gathering world. Kevin is a fellow conscientious hunter-gatherer, and as such, it was interesting to hear his thoughts on assigning culinary value to different wild foods, processing the dispatch of another life and the radical range of differences in motivation and ethics in the hunting world. We also get into the topics of bow vs. rifle hunting and hunting in your local ecology vs. traveling to experience the wild foods of novel ecological landscapes. As we collectively forge this new path as hunters and gatherers with a deep connection to the land that provides for us and a passion for sustaining that land for future generations, Kevin offers his unique perspective from his adventures hunting and gathering the wild landscape of Alberta, Canada. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Show Introduction: SurThrival’s new product: Taboo Aphrodisia Results from Daniel’s urine analysis test Hunt + Gather updates: Making cider, wild ricing & hunting seasons Q&A: Daniel’s morning static apnea practice Introducing Kevin Kossowan Kevin’s shares a bit about his background Curating an intelligent and thoughtful show on hunting & gathering Exposing chefs to wild foods Being a generalist Favorite species Kevin has worked with Exploring the terroir of the landscape Assigning culinary value to wild food How Kevin approaches the dispatch of another life Exploring the differing viewpoints and motivations in the hunting world Bow vs rifle hunting Thoughts on selecting weapons for the hunt Hunting close to home vs destination hunts Leaving a legacy for future generations Kevin’s prognosis for the future of the human species
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