87 minutes | Oct 11, 2017

Native to When? - Ben Falk #166

Ben Falk returns to ReWild Yourself Podcast to add his perspective to our invasive species conversation series! Ben lives in an intentional, resilient, forage-able ecosystem on his homestead in Vermont's Mad River Valley that he designed and continues to evolve. As someone who works closely with his local landscape, he is intimately enmeshed with both native and non-native invasive species and has valuable input on this complex issue. Ben — an innovative permaculturist and intentional ecosystem designer — developed Whole Systems Design as a land-based response to biological and cultural extinction and the increasing separation between people and elemental things. Life as a designer, builder, ecologist, tree-tender, and backcountry traveler continually informs Ben’s integrative approach to developing landscapes and buildings. Ben has studied architecture and landscape architecture at the graduate level and holds a master’s degree in land-use planning and design. He has conducted more than 300 site development consultations across the US and abroad, and has facilitated dozens of courses on property selection, permaculture design, and resilient systems. Ben is also the author of the award-winning book the Resilient Farm and Homestead. In this episode, Ben and I grapple with some of the critical questions of the invasive species conversation: Who has the right to be considered native to a specific ecosystem when we are all native to this planet? Can we eat our way out of the invasive species problem? How do we define natural? Ben brings a balanced viewpoint to our invasive species series. He believes — as do I — that the conversation on invasives can be hugely advanced by active ecosystem participants (rewilders!). Tune in, and let's continue to be conscientious participants in the conservation of our ecology! EPISODE BREAKDOWN: Show Introduction: Hunt + gather updates: Striper and mackerel fishing, squirrel hunting, acorn gathering and pack basket making Introducing Ben Falk Ben’s permaculture intentional ecosystem Food yield on Ben’s homestead  The processing that goes into a permaculture ecosystem Backstory to Ben’s viewpoints on invasive species Invasive species and native local plant communities — who has the right to stay? Thoughts on eating invasives Creating forage-able landscapes Tying a bow on the invasive species conversation Defining what’s natural Ben’s prognosis for the future of the landscape
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